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  • For Nigerians By Nigerians

    Let's Create 100,000 Jobs in Nigeria with Your Help!
    ForNigeriansByNigerians is a Non-Governmental Initiative.
    We help Individuals, Cooperatives and Organizations working towards Promoting Human Capital Development, Creating Extra Sources of Income, Building Retirement Plans, Sustainable Pastimes or Hobbies or just desirous of Giving Back to Society, start or manage any farm (crop, fishery or livestock) of choice profitably.

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  • Equity and Loans

    One of the ‎keys to a successful business is getting the right funding mix in the form of equity and/ or loans.
    We also assist companies build up strong alliances, synergies and partnerships to propel their business forward.
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  • Coming Soon is a Business Consultancy & Marketing Company.

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