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Lastprice.com is a business referral marketplace that makes it easy for anyone to buy or sell online anywhere in the world.

We do this by providing a platform for free listings for Suppliers while offering referrals and quotes for a diverse range of products and services to Buyers.

Lastprice.com is also actively involved in creating new opportunities for both Buyers and Suppliers.

For Buyers we create an avenue where they can interact directly with Suppliers which assures them of genuineness and quality at the right price.

For suppliers we create more awareness for their brands by introducing their products and services to new and emerging markets. This is in addition to helping them reduce their overhead costs by providing them with better alternatives for their raw materials, logistics and finance etc.

In addition to closing Retail and Wholesale Transactions, we also assist both parties secure Distributorships and Franchises.

The growing diversity of companies in our referral network is evidence of our marketing panache as our Suppliers cut across companies in diverse industries from Fast Moving Consumer Goods, High Margin Low Volume Businesses, Companies with capabilities in managing Turnkey Projects and companies in the Service Industry.

At Lastprice we are passionate about Creating Value by Building Genuine, Mutually Beneficial Relationships for the Long Term.

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